htrspltn – 19 EP

Siberian producer htrspltn (aka Ivan Zhurovich) is not one to speak about his music in the most literal terms. For example, a glance at his Last FM profile will introduce you to theories about about internal and external bodily experiences amongst other philosophical mysteries. Hence, it is no surprise that this 6-track EP complies with his mind-set in being an abstract, mystical journey through the aural stratosphere.
Take opening track ‘Trip For Honey’; an ambient dose of tranquillity unanchored by traditional concepts of form, but rather symptomatic of an unimpeded wave, freely and delicately washing over your senses and setting the tone for the remaining tracks. ‘Lrtmn*spell’ and ‘Feed Me Honeysuckle’ are similar in that they make use of repetitive beats which, to the casual listener, could seem tedious. However, immerse yourself and they serve to implore your inquisitiveness, and once your curiosity is peaked, then you can appreciate the uninhibited creativity seated in the sounds which build around them.

‘19’ is by no means an easy listen though, requiring a considerable amount of engagement and concentration to fully appreciate the artistry at work. This is perhaps why by track four, ‘Thrill is on Your Lips’, a little agitation can set in from the listener’s perspective as the constant ambience threatens to underwhelm. Persevere and there is some reward to be found on ‘Touch Me I’m Sick’, which ups the intensity a little as it stomps and crunches its way around your eardrums with a touch of edgy abandon which is welcome by this stage. ‘Say Goodbuy’ reins in the EP at its close with a dark, sinister seeming element of control which is a world away from the serenity and freedom demonstrated in the first few tracks.
In the end, ‘19’ does rather peter out after an engrossing introduction, eventually becoming a little more restrained than the mentality of its creator appears to promise. It’s a collection of tracks which can be expected to reveal a little more of its secrets with every play. Therefore, the experience of ‘19’ wholly depends on the individual; it could be a thoroughly beguiling listen, or a mildly exhausting one.
Words by Lewis Parker
'19' is released by Sheffield based electronic label Planet Terror Records: click here to visit their site.

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