How To Have A Healthier And More Meaningful Relationship With Yourself And Others

We’ve always been told and taught to be kind and loving, caring and nurturing, accepting and understanding, but guess what? We are like that to everyone around us but not to ourselves. Of course, our relationship with others matters, and our experiences are life-changing, however, self-love and acceptance are the keys to a healthier being. Others’ perspectives and tendencies in life greatly influence our insights, perception, and awareness. How others treat us, as we grow, has a great impact on how we perceive ourselves as adults; it contributes to shaping our personality and self-awareness. To build healthier relationships with others, we need to appreciate, accept, and love who we are. Building a satisfactory relationship with yourself is the foundation of everything you’re going to pursue.

Believe in Yourself

One of the biggest challenges of our time is societal pressure; receiving negative comments from parents, partners, friends, and media, telling us that we’re not complete if we don’t fall under their side of perceiving things. This usually gets us carried away from what we want. We begin comprehending things the way others see them; drained in inner conversations and negative thoughts, questioning our decisions and capabilities. We even force ourselves to fit in with their standards of beauty, perfectionism, and idealism. Do not fall victim to social repression, believe that you are good enough, and worthy just the way you are. That does not mean to accept the things you dislike about yourself and be ok with it, but to use self-acceptance, and belief to find your inner peace and happiness.

Self Acknowledgment

We always give recognition to others’ achievements, but how many times have we acknowledged our own? Admitting people’s success and victory is reverential and shows that we have inner peace, and can appreciate and honor others. This sense helps in creating global togetherness, and healthier relationships with others. However, taking pride in your achievements will foster a sense of self-accomplishment, and help you recognize your great qualities. Self-recognition is essential in valuing your life and seeing the good things in it.

Be Kind to Yourself

Take good care of yourself and practice being kind to it. Eat well, exercise, get enough sleep, and always look after your appearance. Find ways to release stress and relax; it can be a massage, a long walk in the park, or listening to your favorite music. Your appearance plays a great role in elevating your self-esteem and confidence. Focus on the beautiful things about you. The more you notice the good things in you, the more energetic, productive, and healthy you’ll feel. Stop pressuring yourself, and obsessing over tiny details, no one and nothing in life is perfect.

Stop Self-Judgment and Blaming

We have all made mistakes that we are not proud of. We failed relationships, missed great opportunities, let someone else take advantage of us, and lost some of our goals. Stop the self-blame, enough crying over spilled milk, and move on. Forgive yourself, and set new goals in life. Make new relationships, and surround yourself with positive and energetic people. The law of attraction plays a great role in our success, so stay away from negative, gloomy, and pessimistic people. Respect and value yourself, don’t allow others to affect your decisions and shake your self-confidence.

Maintain Healthier Relationships

To maintain healthier relationships with others, you need to keep your expectations realistic, as it is important to learn to accept yourself, you also should learn to accept others the way they are. In relationships, no one is expected to play the role of the Genie in a bottle. A healthy relationship gives you the chance to grow and change, you need to be more flexible and communicative. Express yourself and talk with your partner about your feelings and emotions, don’t expect them to guess what’s on your mind and act upon it. Healthy relations are built on trust, so if you promise something or make plans, simply keep it.


Being able to maintain a healthy relationship with others is based on your relationship with yourself. Free yourself from others’ perspectives, and the perimeters they set for you. Do not compare yourself to anyone, and accept yourself the way you are. We all have our weaknesses and strengths, we fail and we make bad decisions, but anyhow, we learn from our mistakes. Self-blaming will get you nowhere, instead, you need to set new goals in life, explore your inner self, and surround yourself with loving, kind, and positive people. No one is perfect, and neither are you, so do not waste your time and stress yourself with tiny details, stop fitting yourself in someone else’s box. Be kind to yourself, and try to see your inner beauty.


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