Horrible Bosses 2 – Review


Outside of the likes of Wayne’s World 2 or the National Lampoon’s series, comedy sequels don’t typically come with the highest of expectations; with only a fleeting glimpse at the likes of The Hangover, Part II or Think Like A Man Too giving you a fair approximation of their current quality barrier.


It’s with a sigh of relief then that the worst anyone could really say about Horrible Bosses 2 is that it’s just more of the same. With the majority of the elements that made the first movie so enjoyable returning; the magic is back in full force for fans to bask in all over again.


Following their attempts to kill their former employers (although somewhat casting aside the outcome); Nick, Kurt & Dale have formed their own company to market the Shower Buddy – a bathroom assistant set to make them a veritable fortune. However, when they find their efforts run into the ground by an unscrupulous businessman (a gleeful yet classy Christoph Waltz) they attempt to save their company by kidnaping (one p) the man’s son for ransom. But their victim isn’t quite as straightforward as they’d hoped, and circumstances soon escalate wildly beyond their control.


As with their first outing, the central trio this time out remain a finely crafted troupe of comedic timing and repartee; with a noticeable shift in focus from Sudeikis to Bateman keeping things somewhat fresh. Sure, it stretches credibility somewhat (particularly in the third act), but for fans of the first movie it’s another wholeheartedly fun romp for a great cast and a well-written set of cheekily endearing characters that’s sure to entertain. 



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In it
Jason Bateman, Jason Sudeikis, Charlie Day

Behind it
Sean Anders

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