Home Brew – A Cuppa with Ten and Six Teas

Despite having originated from India and China, there's probably nothing more British than a good ol' cuppa…


Whether you like a deeply flavoured builder's brew, a fragrant Earl Grey or a healthy green tea, there really is a tea for everyone and I must admit to being a little suspicious of anyone who doesn't drink the stuff. I will drink tea all day long and I spend a lot of my time at work persuading colleagues to go and make me a cuppa! 


Now, my husband would say that I'm fussy when it comes to how I take my tea, but that's just because I don't like a gallon on milk in my cuppa, unlike him. As for the different blends I like black teas, including Earl Grey, and I've recently started drinking peppermint tea too. I can't stand green tea or sickly fruit teas and I can take or leave the rest to be honest. When it comes to leaves or bags, I don't really have a preference, although the ceremony of making a cuppa with leaves is an enjoyable and relaxing process at times.


And this was pretty much what I told new Sheffield tea company, Ten and Six Teas when they contacted me about trying some of their new tea blends. I like my tea, but I don't ever want to hold myself out any kind of expert as my taste buds aren't up to a lot of the different flavours. Thankfully this wasn't a problem for Ten and Six Teas as they stock a wide range of blends from English breakfast to passionfruit tea which are sourced from across the world and are 'sold in Sheffield with pride'.



Opening up my package of loose tea samples I was glad to find that all the teas were black and there was an Earl Grey in there. With Wild Cherry tea and a Chocolate tea also peeking out of the package I knew that the Earl Grey was gonna be first choice.


As it's traditionally lighter than a more bog-standard black tea, some like to drink Earl Grey on its own, or with a little lemon. I, however, do like a little milk. This was good and refreshing, but the bergamot was stronger than I'm used to and, for me, it was a little overpowering which meant that I was left craving a bit of the kick and after taste of black tea by the end of the mug.


Moving onto the Wild Cherry tea and I was incredibly nervous as it smells very fruity and sweet. Bizarrely though, on tasting, I found it to be perfectly palatable. This is a proper black tea with a twist of cherry which gives a warming feel to the mug. 


Feeling quite confident after the surprisingly good Wild Cherry tea I set about preparing the Chocolate tea. I was pleased to find that there wasn't a strong chocolatey smell to the leaves and, once again, this was a proper black tea (black Assam tea I am told) with a hint of rich chocolate flavour making for a palatable drink and one that I could drink on a regular basis.


So if you like teas with a bit of a twist then Ten and Six Teas are for you. Take a look at their seleciton of teas available online. I quite fancy the Exotic Spiced Orange and, of all things, the Zombie Tea which is actually a black tea infused with lime. Ooof! That'd be a good pick me up come the 3pm tea break!


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