Hey Sholay/Mad Colours – Split EP

The Basics
Over some four hours when December 4th crept into the 5th, Hey Sholay and Mad Colours made sweet,  sweet love (to each other’s music, that is) and recorded the whole affair. The product of this night is a beautiful creation, a split EP which they named ‘A Report From The Seven Hills Of Iron Mountain’.
The Verdict
Three tracks of pure, spontaneous genius. Each band covers a song by the other. Mad Colours give Sholay's 'Dreamboat' a frantic but melodic makeover that creates a boisterous dimension to the song – a contrast to the original, more ambient version. Hey Sholay respond by transforming Mad Colours' 'Kisses' with voice-distortion and electronic sounds. They keep the original soul of the song in the rythmic percussion and sparse guitar pairing that can be heard in the background.

The most unexpected sound of the EP has to be the third and final track. ‘Slowly Build Up Your Reputation In An Alternative Virtual World As A Covert Guerrilla Sculptor Distributor’ is an epic 18-minute jam, built purely from the actions and reactions of both bands. The music that they play ranges from repetitive, rhythmic melodies to psychedelic riffs and sparse, striking percussion. There's a lot of changing tempos and instruments, which spawns so many different sounds that it makes it hard to categorise – and utterly hypnotic.
Hey Sholay/Mad Colours Split EP is available to buy here. 
Words by Emma Swallow

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