Hey Sholay Tramlines Interview

Hey Sholay have been going from strength to strength recently. Aside from touring constantly and getting rave reviews from the whole world and his missus, the matchstick men recently graced Exposed In Session at the Cathedral. Katie Memmott collared them for a natter after their Main Stage gig on Saturday.
Enjoy your Main Stage performance?
Liam: Yeah it was great! It was warm, sun was out; which is great isn’t it!

How do you like the idea of Tramlines, do you think there should be more free festivals?
Liam: You can see going around the country that there are little festivals coming up and it’s quite good that people are putting their heart and soul into curating festivals in cities like this one.

Laurie: It’s a pretty cool idea. I think it’s good to introduce new bands to people who can’t normally afford to go to festivals. If it gets a few more people at gigs and a few more people buying records that’s cool.

You new album “((O))” is out in September, what can you tell us about it?

Liam: It has 9 tracks on it; it’s pretty average to be honest. No, it’s good, when you write and record songs it captures a time where your headspace is at, and now we’re on to the next thing. We’re writing the next album now!

You’ve been mentioned in Q and The Guardian as one of the “ones to watch” at Tramlines this year, how was that?

Laurie: It’s always good to get good press no matter what. It’s bloggers now who seem to have more influence over people, a bit more potency, people don’t necessarily look at magazines anymore but the demographic Q and Guardian have are older and are still record buyers, which is brilliant.

Apart from writing the new album, any gigs or festivals lined up for the summer?
Laurie: Beacons Festival, Summer Sundae, there’s a few more as well I think.

Liam: We’re gonna tour the album in October.
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