Hey Lamacq! Radio 6 does the Sholay Shuffle

On Thursday 11th October, Steve Lamacq and his BBC6 music team will be descending on the Crucible to present a live show with a special performance from Sheffield’s very own Hey Sholay.
As part of Octoberfest, listeners can expect a spectacular roundtable show, with the likes of Tony Christie, Richard Bacon and Jarvis Cocker giving their two cents on the finest new releases.
Steve ‘’Lammo’’ Lamacq promises a Hey Sholay extravaganza with the band performing a stripped back acoustic track live on air followed by a live set at The Harley as part of his ‘Going Deaf For A Living’. The exclusive set will form part of the band’s autumn tour promoting the mini album ((O)) released last month on Fierce Panda Records.
Hey Sholay told Exposed they are thrilled about being asked to play and said: "To us, Lamacq is like Moses, parting the panned stereo like a sound wave Red Sea, leading those who are weary and down beaten forward, and away from the dark presence of radio monotony…"
The live set at The Harley is on Thursday 11th October, doors 7:30pm, Hey Sholay will be performing at 10:00pm. Standing tickets cost £3 and can be purchased here.

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