Her Majesty And The Wolves: Stars In Your Eyes

The basics
First of all, they’re good. I like them, a lot; the punchy beats are right up my street. Second of all they’re incredibly unexpected.  The first few tracks are an overwhelmingly effective combination of the fey voice of the standard female artist one would assume to cover this type of catchy dance track and (out of nowhere) the smoother baritones of the male MC punctuating her vocals.
Looking at the album cover, the photo really should have been the tip-off that I was about to listen to something a bit different from the norm; a fierce looking La Roux look-alike in statuesque heels, hand on hip, smouldering at the camera partnered with a decidedly calmer looking gentleman in a black tie and suit. This visual sums up the sound rather well I’d say.
A quick look at the Wikipedia page of the pair tells me that this is the imaginative collaboration of former Pussycat Dolls member Kimberly Wyatt and Jupiter Rising’s Spencer Nezey. They list Florence and the Machine, Sia Furler, Empire of the Sun and Ladyhawke as their inspirations. Okay, it’s starting to make more sense now.
The Verdict
The album is definitely a dance track – you’ll find little self-searching or political commentary in the lyrics – and as a dance track it is very, very good. I predict ‘Stars In Your Eyes’ to be one of the summer’s biggest hits; especially in the clubs and at European rave festivals. This mash-up of rhythmic, tribal beats and chirpy vocals certainly does one thing; it makes you want to dance.
My one criticism of the album is that a few tracks in it dissolves slightly into the murky waters that is sounding similar to most other dance tracks out there. When being unique is your main selling point, it’s worth striving to maintain this originality. The album picks up mid-point again with ‘Glaciers’ but the loss of creativity still inevitably resonates towards the end. The songs you should be listening to are the first track ‘Her Majesty and The Wolves intro’, then ‘Stars in Your Eyes’, ‘Walking on the Sun’ ‘Glaciers’ and my personal favourite ‘Emerald Showers’ – even just for the surprisingly stunning violin solo tacked onto the end.
After listening to the album a few times now – it’s official. I have my new favourite duo to download on Spottify and I’ll be keeping an eye on this pair in the future. I’m expecting big things.
Hilary Sparkharr


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