Henderson's Hounds Find a Home

Sheffield’s favourite condiment, Henderson’s Relish, recently launched special edition bottles featuring a trio of canine stars – and now the three retired greyhounds are celebrating finding new homes.



Previously residents of the Sheffield Retired Greyhound Trust’s farm at Gosling Moor in Wortley, all of the dogs were chosen to front the campaign to promote greyhound adoption and are now looking forward to spending 2015 with their own new families.


John Gilburn, chairman of the Sheffield branch of the RGT said: “The unique partnership with Henderson’s Relish has been a fantastic way for us to highlight the importance of greyhound adoption, showcasing the lovely dogs that are available for rehoming and how they make excellent family pets.”  



Sue Stead and her family adopted one of the Henderson's trio and said: “Dibnah, or Dibby as we call her, has just slotted right in to our family. Taking her home is the best decision we ever made. I’d recommend anyone looking for a dog to consider adopting a greyhound. I’ve never known an animal to be so friendly and, not only that, she is so easy to look after and very low maintenance.”


For more information about the Retired Greyhound Trust, click here. 


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