Heavy Weather At Month Of Sundays

A Month Of Sundays will host a new exhibition by illustrator Mick Marston between 25 August and 22 September.
‘Outlook Gloomy, With Bright Intervals’ will feature a series of screen prints about the credit crunch drawing on fragmented memories, half-baked thoughts and useless information.
Mick says "Constraint is a vital ingredient – I'm a printmaker at heart – therefore I use the computer as if I was going to print the outcome personally – 'What’s the least number of colours I can get away with'. I even impose constraints on the way things are drawn sometimes – 'this horse has got to touch each edge of the page', or "I've got to make this completely out of circles".
Artist and gallery owner Pete McKee says "Each illustration not only sits as a beautiful work of art but also shines with wit and invention. Mick's show will be the must see exhibition of the year."
Month Of Sundays is at 365 Sharrow Vale Road. Entry to the exhibit is free. Click here for more info.

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