Heavy Duty Steak Out

Carnivores of all shapes and sizes descended on the Grosvenor Casino last Thursday for a mega 72oz steak challenge!
Eight brave souls took part in the Grosvenor’s meat marathon. Each contestant made a donation of at least £20, with all the money going to the Marie Curie cancer charity and the Cavendish Centre.
The mega steaks, about ten times bigger than normal, were supplied by butcher Ray Woodhead. Then the Showroom’s head chef Paul Murton worked his magic, marinating the beasts in Coke and hanging them for nine days for maximum smokiness and optimum juiciness.
The current steak wolfing world record is held by one Furious Pete, who necked his in less than seven minutes.
Unfortunately – or sensibly – none of the contestants were even half way through at that point. Eventually, Lewis Gregory walked off with the champ’s trophy, with Gareth Owen taking second prize.
One salivating spectator was so hungry that he snapped up a steak that was going spare. Nom nom!
Click here to check out the Grosvenor.

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