Has tha got Beef? Burger Time at The Harley

Twisted Burger Company at
The Harley
has been keeping Sheffield in American style food since January 2011 and it’s since developed a cult following amongst burger aficionados.


Keen to build on this following, Alex Malins, Executive Chef of The Wick at Both Ends, has introduced a new menu. And with a desire to make everything in house he’s come up with no less than seven burger sauces including 'Techno Burger Sauce' and 'Baconnaise' which are all made on the premises. And the menu itself is pretty as well as tasty too thanks to
Tom J Newell's
hand-illustrating skills!


The menu launched on 3
April with a bit of a bang and a good old party with the local press. I, a Twisted Burger Company virgin, went along to see what they were up to. Of course The Harley is known as a live music venue, so I was pleased to see that the dining area is set to the side of the main bar area, off to the front of the bar on a raised stage area. Décor is American style with red and white checked plastic tablecloths, tubs of cutlery and the usual sauces. We were treated to a selection of burgers, fries, chicken wings and onion rings and I have to say that I was impressed!


Out of the eight burgers available my favourite was The Cabrona (£7.95). A triple beef patty topped with spicy beef chilli (made with succulent chunks of slow cooked beef shin), guacamole, Monterey Jack cheese and lettuce all crammed into a brioche bun. Delicious, if a little messy to eat … but that’s the point. Charlotte Leaver says that the burgers have been designed to suit The Harley’s ‘somewhat illicit vibe – they are gooey, unctuous, and quite naughty.’ Mmmmm … Nice.


I was also impressed with the veggie burger; Everybody Yurts (£5.95) as it was clear that some real thought had gone into designing it, so much so that I would be quite happy eating it as an alternative to any of the meat burgers. Double red lentil patty with feta fondue, jalapeño salsa, sundried tomato and lettuce is a combination which is both interesting and tasty.



I have to admit that I avoided The Ghostspiced Killah (£6.95) after watching someone struggle their way through it earlier. With Harley Hot Hot Hot Sauce, jalapeño salsa and ghost chilli sauce it’s not for the faint hearted and I don’t think I’ll ever actually pluck up the courage to try it. However, the Pigger Than Hip Hop (£6.95) is one that I will try. With a double bacon patty, and slow cooked onion rings (which are made from onions soaked in pork fat before battering and frying) this has gotta be pig heaven!


We had the opportunity to try some of the side dishes and, with this being American style eating, chips are fries and there are a few varieties including Ghost Chilli Fries and Cajun Seasoning Fries (both £2.50). For those wanting to make a meal out of their sides, there’s Chilli Cheese Fries (£4.00) which come with more of that lovely beef shin chilli and Bad-Ass Breakfast Fries (£3.00) which come with a deep fried egg and baconnaise. And good God, these are Bad-Ass; I’m sure they’ll come in very handy when hungover.


Chicken wings come in three varieties; Huckleberry, PG Rated Wings and X-Rated Wings (all £4.00 for a portion of four). I unwittingly tried some of the X-Rated which are cooked with ghost chilli and Harley Hot Hot Hot Sauce and instantly regretted it! Don’t get me wrong, they’re tasty but turning into a red faced bumbling mess at a press launch ain’t my idea of fun! Sadly, given my predicament, we didn’t get to try any of the desserts, but I’ve spotted that they claim to do the Sexiest Sundae (£4.00) which sounds like the perfect way to round off a meal here.


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