Harry Hill: Funny Times

The basics
Harry Hill, he of the TV Burp, funny voice-overs and implausibly long shirt collars, has become something of an institution on Saturday night TV over recent years.  
But an album of comedy songs?  Surely today’s comedians release DVDs don’t they?  Comedy songs disappeared with the Barron Knights and Benny Hill didn’t they? Well, apparently not.  So here comes Harry, with what is effectively a spin-off album of songs related to his TV Burp show. He’s even persuaded Bruce Forsyth, Bill Roach and Martin Fry to make guest appearances.
The verdict
Your opinion of this will entirely depend on your take on Harry Hill.  I’ll admit to finding him very funny, and listening to this, there were moments when I did laugh out loud, but several of the songs left me a little confused as to why they were on what is described as a comedy album.  
The song about Chantelle, and her obsession with her trampoline is very funny, and re-casting Ken Barlow as the star of a Spaghetti western, complete with his own theme tune is as hilarious as it is bizarre, but all too often I was left waiting to be entertained. 
Martin Fry makes an appearance singing a perfectly straight version of This Guy’s in Love With You, with Harry providing a silly trombone solo straight from the Les Dawson school of music. Odd? Yes. Funny? Not really.  
There’s a hidden track at the end, where Harry, in George Formby mode, sings a ukulele medley of Smiths songs.  Never was there a track which more deserved to remain hidden.  As I said, odd.   
Mark Perkins


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