Hail Mary


Mary Street is quickly becoming a pretty happening part of town.What was once a very much underused part of the city is being brought to life and it just keeps getting better. Alongside B&B, DED residing at number 99 are now are now making the street a pretty artsy area with semi-regular exhibitions and parties in the lovely little space they are now calling home.





They are kicking off their 2014 calendar of exhibitions with a rather interesting and definitely unique group show looking at the relationship between British pastoral traditions and contemporary culture.


A mixed media show, Folk Art, Let’s Dance features artists, makers, photographers, sculptors and film-makers exploring the lines between tradition and behaviour.


Their aim is to provide a plethora of art which gives a generous nod towards local tradition, craft and culture.


What they offer is definitely food for thought that certainly has the potential to make you cascade into a state of curiosity and wonder.


The show includes piecesfrom: Julie Ann Horan for Warp Films / Leah Gordon / Kid Acne / Luke Insect / Liam Sparkes / Katie Soze / Anthony Bennett / Gillian Nott / Lydia Leigh / Ken Goodall / Fuzi UVTPK / DED / Handsworth Sword Dancers.



Images by Liam Sparkes @ Folk Art, Lets Dance.


If you fancy getting your eyes around this thoroughly thought provoking exhibition then it is running until February 20 at 99 Mary St. Visit www.99mary.st for all the details.









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