Green Lantern

DC comics hold some of the comic book world’s hottest properties, with the major leaguers including Superman and Batman.
However, it’s fair to say that the Green Lantern (here, Ryan Reynolds), the only human member of an intergalactic police force that harness the green energy of will power, has never really hit such dizzying heights of popularity – and on this evidence, perhaps never will.
While the first and final acts sizzle with energy and creativity, the film is overwhelmed by a stifling mid-act which is so static and thick with exposition, it almost derails entirely. Along with wasted secondary characters and poor chemistry from the leads, there’s jarringly over-baked emoting, smelling strongly of mature cheddar.
The effects are mixed, veering from Avatar-levels of detailing on the planet of Oa – the home of the Green Lantern Corps – to shonky set-pieces and unintentionally hilarious CG characters. Sadly, Green Lantern emerges looking less a super-hero, and more a super-snot!

In it
Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Peter Sarsgaard, Mark Strong

Behind it
Martin Campbell


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