You must've been living in a hole if you hadn't spotted the droves of graduates swarming through our city this month…
I admit, I was one of them, so I thought what better way to kick off Style City blog by giving you my tips for how to cope with looking HAWT on a photograph that will, no doubt, haunt you forever.

Dress – Dorothy Perkins, Shoes –
Tip 1: Find out what colour your robes are.
If you've fallen in love with a purple number with a green frock but your robes are brown – sorry, unless you're happy to forever be remembered as the Mint Aero, think again.
Tip 2: Don't wear anything outside your comfort zone.
This includes heels. Yes, they make your legs look longer, but if you're not used to walking in them, they increase the probability of you falling on your face right in front of Robert Winston by about a million percent.
Tip 3: Think about attaching your hood.
You're going to either need a shirt dress with a button to loop your hood to stop the damn thing falling down, or a helluva lot of safety pins. If you're going for the latter, try and find a top or dress that you're not going to notice the holes in later. Lace or tweed are perfect materials to look out for.
Tip 4: Plan in advance.
There is absolutely nothing worse than freaking out the weekend before (talking from experience). The day is stressful enough with unruly siblings, a hectic timetable and the sheer embarrassment of standing up in front of hundreds of people. The last thing you need is a wardrobe malfunction or feeling uncomfortable in your own skin because you ran out of time to shop. Last but not least…
Tip 5: ENJOY IT!
It could be the only graduation you take part in, so just chill out, throw your mortarboard, and focus on being bloody proud of yourself.
And here's a gratuitous photo of me on my big day. Tweed dress – Mango, black boots – George at Asda, cheesy grin – one prosecco glass too many.


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