Gossip Goodies

We here at Exposed were pretty excited when we heard that the Gossip were giving out free ‘play-buttons’, and that thanks to the clever music and promotions guys at Bungalows and Bears we could get one of our very own in their bar!
After a mid-afternoon dash down Division Street we left triumphant, clutching one of the very limited edition play buttons (think of a round ipod shuffle which you can pin to your lapels or favourite back-pack, or just put in your pocket). The play-buttons come with four tracks from the Gossip’s forthcoming album ‘A Joyful Noise’, which is released in full on 14th May.
Bungalows and Bears has just twenty-five of these buttons to give away, and is one of just a handful of bars in the UK to be given any at all.

The play button itself is a real treat, coming in some slick packaging that makes it look more like a bank-breaking Apple product than a free giveaway, and decorated with some rather ghoulish album artwork. To use they’re completely idiot proof and getting a sneak peak at some new music is always a joy.
Without a doubt this is an interesting and innovative way to promote new music, and hopefully there’s more of this to come. Keep your eyes peeled for an Exposed review of these new tracks later this week. In the meantime, we suggest you get down to Bungalows and Bears on the double to get yours – once they’re gone, they’re gone!
Take a look here for more info about the new album and all things Gossip related.

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