Gorden Snee Art

Exposed chats to Rachel Edmondson about the project to curate and exhibit the life works of grandfather Gordon Snee, in an ongoing art project.


After artist Gordon Snee passed away, daughter and granddaughter Jo Snee and Rachel Edmondson set about organising his art studio, at which he had worked out of for 50 years. In a collaboration with Kelham Island Arts Collective, they put together an exhibition to showcase just a small sample of a huge body of work, with at least a few pieces from every decade of his life.



We spoke to Rachel to ask about the event and the interesting story behind a lifetime's amount of work. "It went really well and it was interesting to bring everything together in a place like Kelham Island. He was an artist by trade but he was quite a private, quiet guy and often he would just roll a painting up once he was finished. So as you can guess, he filled a lot of space like this and we found a huge amount of art in his studio, 50 years worth."




"The show is a bit of a timeline, every decade is represented, although there is so much more. It was pretty hard to narrow down as we went through the paintings but we just picked the ones we liked the most. There wasn't much of a system!"


Gordon Snee Art is an ongoing project, with plans for future exhibitions. 

Head to www.gordonsneeart.co.uk for more.


Photo Credit: (first two images) Carl Whitham.

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