Goo Design's Moor Market Display

The Moor Market has been given a spruce up in the form of an art-shaped treat, as Matt Cockayne of Goo Design showcases some of his quirky prints around the building.


Matt’s Sheffield inspired collection has a time-travelling hint of nostalgia to it – nicely blending the city’s newest market with a suggestion of the past.


As you head around the market, each design tells its own unique story of a Sheffielder’s life, whilst featuring tributes to the steel industry, Sheffield landmarks, and a homage to our beloved Henderson’s Relish.


We spoke to Matt to give us a play by play of each image, why he chose to feature them, and the story behind the art.


"Basically the Market events team got in contact with me to see if I would brighten the place up with some Sheffield referenced artwork, and I was obviously more than happy to help.


When the project had been confirmed I already had a large amount of work I wanted to put on the outside of the Moor Market (Eyre Street)  – which included some of the images previously featured in Exposed's "The Working Class Heroes" art feature and many more like the Henderson's Relish Factory (featured in the Henderson's Relish Cook Book) and the My Sheffield Bottles with the Football Clubs."


Heading down to the market, Matt tells us about each image, and what they represent:


"In the main entrance I wanted to do something new, so after the confirmation I posted on Pictures of Sheffield Old and New on Facebook to ask what people would like to see. The response was a mixed bag of old and new, with a lot of people wanting pictures of Castle market up. On  this suggestion, I decided to do a short picture story of a market trader's life from the old market to the new Moor market. It also has a romantic twist to it and a story of family life, which is important to me and many more people alike. 



The first image as you walk in is of a fella selling some butchers goods to a young lady, which swiftly moves onto a first date in Fagan's (note the glass of red and rose on the table). Richard Hawley was talking to me in the pub last week and said he 'loved it' – I was well chuffed as he's a personal hero of mine. 



The third image is of a bus ride on the late bus and there is a reference to Sheffield's steel heritage with the Forgemasters on the other side of the window. 


The fourth image is the starting of the family, where the lady has a child in Jessops Hospital. I was born there myself, and the Henderson's factory is out of the window in the background. 


Then the next one is of Redgates toy shop – which most people suggested – so I did the little boy running past the window. It's actually my son Luka. There are lots of references from my own childhood such as the toys; HeMan, Transformers, BMX and a few girls' toys like My Little Pony and Care Bears, which my sister used to play with. 


The sixth image is a version of the Dad and Lad artwork I do, in which you can edit the shirt names and numbers. I made it both Owls and Blades, and the Star poster noting it's Derby day. 


Then finally, the last image is in the Moor Market, but the shop name is Moor Butcher & Son, so the lad has grown up and he's working the family business with his dad. There is another lady in the picture to show that the story goes around in a full circle of life again."



Matt said he's "proud to have a public display as large as this, and the Market planners have been really helpful. The printing was also done at Award – they're friends of mine and we have been working together on a number of projects."


See The Moor Market and Goo Design on Facebook for more.


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