Goldfrapp – Tales of Us

Tales of Us is the sixth studio album penned by Alison Goldfrapp and Will Gregory, the duo still probably best known for their boudoir-electro hit ‘Ooh La La’.


In fact, a trip through Goldfrapp’s career archives would reveal some of the finest pheromone-releasing dance tracks of the last decade. Therefore, this latest record is a definite departure.


Gone are the synth-heavy sounds designed to inspire some fuzzy-tingle times. Into their place come grand pianos, string sections and naked, fragile vocals.


A risk perhaps? Yes. But one that has definitely come off. The record plays like the soundtrack to a black-and-white gothic horror. The constant-rhythm throughout ‘Alvar’ is the sound of a shadowy pursuer in a moonlit corridor; ‘Stranger’, a brief-encounter with a mystery man at dusk. Throughout, Goldfrapp’s voice – sometimes sultry, sometimes frail yet always breathtaking – adds a touch of vivid Technicolor to her dimly-lit landscapes. Close your eyes and you’ll feel as if you’ve been swept there yourself. 


LP 9/10


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