Going, Going… Not Gone – Sheffield's For Sale In Spoof Auction

Ever wondered how much Sheffield Cathedral is, the Crucible Theatre or one of Sheffield's Universities? Well you can now bid for them this Saturday. 


OXFAM is calling on all Sheffielders to place their bids on their favourite lot.


On Saturday 18th May, Fargate will be hosting the spoof auction to highlight the practice of land grabs and will be auctioning Sheffield’s most valuable and beautiful parts of the city.


Behind the fun is an outline to raise awareness and help stop the practice that has led to many losing their homes.


Josh Parker, President of the Sheffield University Oxfam Society said: “Across Africa and beyond, big land deals are taking people’s homes, jobs and food – and all too often these deals are little more than land grabs.


What would happen if someone told you that you have lost your livelihood and your home because everything you have has been sold without your consent or knowledge? Unfortunately this is the reality for hundreds of thousands of the poorest people around the world.”


OXFAM and EnoughFoodIF are working to put a stop to world hunger and help the less fortunate and you can help to. So get yourself along to Fargate this Saturday, tweed suits are optional, and place your bids!


The spoof auction is on Fargate, near Next, on Saturday 18 th May from 1pm – 3pm. For more on what OXFAM do, click the link.


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