Goat Leaf Review

Review of Goat Leaf, Regulus, Awooga and Steel Trees at Corporation on May 2nd.


Checking out local bands is one of our favourite things to do – so seeing four of South Yorkshire's finest all in one night at Corporation was a special treat. 


Although the venue was still filling up as Regulus took the stage, the crowd couldn't resist the band's showmanship and energy. These guys take straight-ahead rock and roll and somehow inject an insane amount of groove into it – a perfect way to fill up the place and jumpstart the night.

Awooga were next, and through layers of effects and ambience they managed to create a huge, dense sound that threatened to overwhelm Corp's small room. Half of this trio's songs are beautifully crafted, while the other half just plain rock.


Steel Trees don't give a monkey's – you can tell by their onstage banter and by their music.  Watching them you feel a sense of unpredictability, as they throw themselves about the stage and fluctuate between glorious grunge/fuzz and unhinged guitar solos. 


Goat Leaf finished off the night, receiving quite the reception from their rabid fans. When the riffs are this solid, the volume is this high and the crowd are this into it, what's not to enjoy? A fitting end to a cracking night of home-grown music. We love Sheffield. Joe E. Allen.


Photo: Dean Holt


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