Go With The Flo

If you have ever driven through Ranmoor and carried on past The Fulwood Inn, well that is the past The Florentine is the future and the beautiful exterior will continue inside now, giving you the perfect reason to pop in.


Reopening on November 27th the transformation is going to be huge, it won’t just look different but feel different too. The cheap pub grub and flat lager has been replaced with something far more eloquent.  


The opening night sees the renamed hotel/bar/restaurant kicking things off in style – with a bubbly/nibbly party for invited guests. 


But it’s not just the name that’s changing here, no sir, EVERY element of the venue is getting a makeover – from seasonal British food and premium drinks to the interior and exterior. Expect beautifully restored features, freshly cooked cuisine using quality ingredients and expertly mixed cocktails. Oh, and if you’re planning on making a night of it, they’re giving their rooms a touch of luxury too. Head to www.theflorentinepub.com for more.


The doors to the public are opening on the 29th!


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