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Exposed Meets George Ezra. 


George Ezra is the new face of British pop. Tipped to make waves in 2014 by MTV, Vevo and the BBC – with over three million views on Youtube, he's going the right way about it. Hitting The Leadmill this month, we caught up with the fella to talk gig faux pas, an alternative career in gardening and buying toothpaste in Sheffield…


Hi George, how’s your day been?

I went to the park actually and played on the swings. No-ones been around and it's a nice day so I went out and had a little swing (laughs). I'm gigging tonight with the band in Essex, we've only just recently started working together and have practised about six times. I think you can only really improve if you’re doing it live though.


You've shot to fame seemingly out of nowhere, how did it all come about?

I'm from a little town called Hertford and moved to Bristol about three or four years ago. I guess musically I started gigging around then, supporting whoever I could in Bristol, doing open mic nights and putting on gigs. It was just brilliant. Ultimately, what Bristol did was give me the nerve to get out and give it ago. Unless you get busy, nothing's gonna happen.



You're playing in Sheffield at Leadmill on Saturday 14th June, have you played Sheffield before?

I played Tramlines, in a little church, it was nice. I like Sheffield, I went to HMV and bought a John Cooper Clarke album. I think I also bought some toothpaste in Sheffield as well…


If you weren't a musician, what would you be doing?

I've had a few jobs, a sweet factory was one. It wasn’t oompa loompas and all that, it was more lab coats white hats. I worked in a pub and I loved that actually. I worked on allotments, that was good being outdoors. Both my parents are teachers. I think I could try that, but maybe something outdoors, yeah. See if the allotments would have me back…


Your house is burning down, and you can only grab three things (your family/friends/pets are already saved) what would they be?

I'm not attached to anything material, really. I'd probably panic and grab anything to be honest. Maybe a guitar I guess? And my rucksack, it has most of my life in it but that's cheating, isn't it? I know, I'd probably pull on some pants, I don't sleep in any and would want to save myself the embarrassment.



Finish these sentences:


I'm not proud of this, but once, when I was at a gig… I went to see Leonard Cohen, which was phenomenal, and I was a bit drunk. Me and my friend went out for a cig at the break, we were told that you couldn't go out and come back in, but we thought the guy was bluffing. Then we weren't actually allowed back in after. I still feel like a bit of a mug for that.


The scariest thing I've ever done is… I don't know what to say that won't get me in trouble! Actually, I was very nervous before the Radio 1 Live Lounge, very nervous, and I think it affected my performance. I'd like to go back and do another.


The thing I’m most looking forward to is… getting going with the band. At the moment we're just dipping our toes in and I wanna get us all in a van and start touring. But apart from that, just summer. I think I get a week off in August so I’ll go home, see my friends and do absolutely nothing.


Finally, in one year's time I will be… almost 22. What will I be? I'll be… erm, probably quite similar, really.



George Ezra is playing The Leadmill on Saturday 14th June. To get your hands on some tickets head to


Words: Rachel Heward

Main Image: Danny North

Other Images: Robert Blackham


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