Games Britannia Live: Micro Art Exhibition

To celebrate Game Britannia Live! hitting Sheff city this weekend, the Millennium Gallery will be hosting a micro art exhibition featuring work from a selection of artists inspired by playing video-games.


Ever attempted to capture on canvas the intense feeling of dread whilst fleeing from a five star police chase on GTA? – No, we haven’t either. But the idea of artistically exploring the range of emotions produced whilst gaming is certainly an exciting one.


The show, ‘Far Lands’, will showcase art from ten artists influenced by games such as Grand Theft Auto, Day Z and Half Life.


Works include Jason Rouse's series of oil landscapes painted in situ while actually playing (and occasionally dying in) zombie survival horror DayZ, Sally Sheinman's iPad transformations of responses to the question 'What makes you, you?', Benjamin Poynter's Architecture of a Depersonalised Dream – which is a card-based accompaniment to his forthcoming Oculus Rift game, an interactive sound work based on text adventure games and more. (See below for a taster!)




It is the first show from Sheffield video-game arts collective Third Person View – a combination of artists, narrative designers & video-game players who created Third Person View to present video-game art exhibitions.


Entry to the exhibition will cost you precisely nowt. All commission for work sold at the event will go to Games Britannia Live’s charity Special Effect.


Sheffield's Millennium Gallery is open from 1000-1700 on Saturday 28 June and 1100-1600 on Sunday 29 June.


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