Funeral for a Friend: Welcome Home Armageddon

The Basics 
Welsh rock doesn’t come much heavier or more basic than when it comes from the valleys via the ‘Funeral guys, and with their fifth album they’ve strived to capture their live sound as much as is possible on a CD.  They’ve also had to adapt to a line-up change in a way I’ve never come across before.  When guitarist Darren Smith left, bass guitarist Gavin Burrough changed instrument from bass to guitar, while they recruited a new bass player.
The Verdict
Emo, post-hardcore, screamo: call it what you will but these guys deliver.  Their devoted fan-base will lap this up, whilst it will never win them any new fans after ten years as one of Britain’s premier live acts on the heavy rock scene.  If you like your music raw, loud and with parental warning stickers, this is for you. 
Mark Perkins


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