Funeral For A Friend @ Tramlines

Review of Funeral For A Friend at Tramlines 2014.


Despite 13 years of touring, Funeral For A Friend still have a youthful exuberance that is blatantly tangible. The fact that the Welsh post-hardcore outfit are still arsed about putting on an energetic live show for their loyal fan base is something other bands that stare vacantly into a crowd should take note of. The performance was sweaty and hectic from the get-go and the crowd played their part with circle pits throughout. The set had two songs from the self-released recent album Conduit (2013) but the majority of it stuck to the roots, drawing material from their debut album. The energy built and built till it peaked at the finale with fans screaming back the lyrics to ‘Escape Artists Never Die’.



‘Cult band’ is a term that is thrown around too often in music, but it’s the bands who stick to their ethos that rightfully earn it. During the set, vocalist Matthew Davies-Kreye emotionally exclaimed that to be in a band you have to be a little “selfish” and make music that you are passionate about. FFAF fans have a connection with the band that is built on that, and it makes their sets all the better for it.


Words: Ford Maddox Brown

Photo Credit: Kevin Wells

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