Fun. – Some Nights LP

The Basics
The second album from New York melodic rock/pop trio Fun. has been knocking about for a few months already in America (what’s with the snub, guys?!), and since then they’ve blessed the cover of Billboard magazine, as well as bagging hefty features in the New York Times and Spin – so they’re big fish across the pond. Now they hope to replicate that success in Blighty and with their show at London’s Barfly in May having sold out long in advance, they look a shoe in for success. Oh, and one of them plays the flugelhorn. This is worth mentioning quite simply because it’s called a flugelhorn!
The Verdict
I’ve no idea whether it’s intentional, but with ‘It Gets Better’ Nate Ruess has written a soundtrack to prepare teenage girls for a first time that probably won’t live up to the hype: “I know it hurts at first, but it gets better” he auto-tunes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. The Janelle Monái featuring ‘We Are Young’ includes that ever-popular pop song metaphor about ‘setting the world on fire’ or some other act of arson on a grand scale, and the band cram in plenty references to bars, drinking and  getting high to ensure they seem ‘down wiv the yoof’ enough to be covered on Glee – I'm sure that's an honour in some circles. To be honest, if Fun. were your first time, it would probably be like that scene in the Inbetweeners where Simon is slapping his cock in frustration… not much fun for anybody. 

Words by Lewis Parker

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