Friday Live Report – Worse-for-Wear Street

Friday afternoon. The week's almost done and you're so close to that drink you can almost taste it.
In fact, if you're our new freelancer, David Charon, we suspect you may already have. We've sent our refreshing (and refreshed) new freelancer on a mission to find out what's happening in Sheffield with a live report from the city centre, with chat, news and gossip on their weekends! Not something we've attempted before on the website but we're assured it'll be a great insight into what people are talking about in the heart of the city. David, are you there?
Is this thing on? Hello! Yes, I'm here. Welcmoe to our first live report from Sheffield city centre. I only just made it here to a very chilly Fargate after a really hectic trip down here but everyone's been really friendly as we've made our way round finding out what they're up to and we've lots of updates, news and info on all the christmas trees and declamations. Sorry, decorations.  I've even taken a few photos.
So we started at the top of West Street. With Sheffield's students back in full forsch and the weather a wee bit colder now, the delis near the University are pretty busy. The Lounge on the corner o West Street and Regent Terrace is still empty of course – and it's a really nice little bar opp that's a bit of a break from some of the bigger brands at the top of the street – but we hear some talk about a possible redevelopment of the site, so keep your ears open for that one…

From there, we fell in to a quick chat with twentysomething ex-students Kerry and Bob – who were having a cheeky cigarette break outside their work. Both were This Is England fans so they were looking forward to Woody at Propaganda in the O2 tonight and both refused to let me break my quitting by giving me a go on their tabs. Quickly nipped into a couple fo hostelries for lunch. Couldn't believe the place wi that statue of Mr Tango in it was gone (“Do you mean Bia Hoi? That was Budai, a Chan monk from the latter Liang Dynasty in China. It hasn't been there for years.” – Enlightenment Ed)?
We dropped into another hostelry on West Street to stay warm. (“Any chat or insight there?” – Impatient Ed) Yes. Yes. Did you know…. Did you know that… The Red Snapper cocktail is a twist on the Bloody Mary BUT with gin instead of Vodka? Or that the New Orleans Fizz cocktail was created in 1888 by Henry Ramos (“It's not exactly breaking news is it?” – Unimpressed Ed)?
And now we're here in the Chriszmaszy… Christmazzy pop-up bar at the top of Fargate where we're expecting a visit from Santa Claus himself very shortlee. (*Raises glass*)
David, have you been anywhere that wasn't a bar?
AszzzzCjjncncdjdsd. Sorry – just knocked the laptop off the bar there. Bloody leads. Bloody Leeds. HEY! Why don't I write this in txtspk? LOL.
Urhm… What was I talking about? Hey. HEY! Sorry. Thought I knew that bloke. Anyway, what was I talking about? Decormations. Lot s of . Yeah – just leave them there mate. (PAUSE) No, we've got a tab…
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