Frenetics – Broken Hand EP

The Basics
When an email pops up in my inbox promising a mix of Magazine and Television, understandably I get rather excited. The band drawing such lofty comparisons are Frenetics, a four-piece who recently impressed supporting Band of Skulls and whose members straddle South and West Yorkshire like some sort of giant, flat-cap donning terrier.
The Verdict
‘Ella’ ushers in the album in typically loud fashion, with drums as delicate as a tank flattening your neighbour’s house while you’re trying to get some shut-eye and amps clearly turned up to the maximum – it’s a brash, in-your-face punk rock assault at times, with the rawness accentuated by singer Gavin’s lairy, Shelley-esque vocals. ‘See You on the Other Side’ is similarly antagonistic, with the band clearly having mastered the loud-louder dynamic and certainly living up to their name, but ‘Satellites’ sees them have a rustle deeper into their bag of musical tricks and display some more harmonious pop sensibilities amongst the occasional franticness.
Closer ‘Swing Kids’ presents Frenetics as a more introverted prospect; the stripped-back sound actually appears a better fit, making evident an added poignancy in Gavin’s voice, and when they do amp things up towards the end, it has far more effect, leaving you to envisage a panoramic closing scene reminiscing on the frenzy they created previously. When they’re being a little less frenetic, you feel that this band could be very, very good indeed.

Words by Lewis Parker 

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