Frankly Speaking

They say a dog is man’s best friend. For the local leg-end that is Pete McKee, it’s particularly apt.
One of the artist’s most popular creations is Frank the Sad Whippet. Just look at those eyes… they’d melt the heart of an evil snowman.
Now, Frank’s become the figurehead for a new under 18s scheme at McKee’s Sharrow Vale Rd gallery, A Month of Sundays – which aims to get young people drawing. Head down to Frank’s Club throughout April to create a McKee masterpiece.
Pete has provided some blank pictures for kids to colour in, and he’s also encouraging you youngsters to create their own McKee style drawings, which he’ll display in the gallery for all to see.
A Month of Sundays is open Tuesday – Saturday, 10am till 5pm, head to www.therealmckee.co.uk for more. 

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