Frank Hamilton @ The Plug – 25th September

The stage was set with an antique lamp and small box TV as Plug slowly filled with around 40 or 50 people for Frank Hamilton.

Following turns from Michael Reeve and George Barnett, Frank and his band strode on to the stage, opening up with the adorable You, You Cat and Me – a punchy and melodic track that upped the ante for the rest of the night. The female harmonies are delicious and the great thing about Frank’s songs is that they’re completely relatable, “Cause there’s nowhere I would rather be than on your sofa watching crap TV, with no one else there, cause it’s just you, your cat and me”. Frank highlights the ‘real’ elements of relationships, those cosy Sunday afternoons watching The Hills or Extreme Couponing drinking tea and eating pizza. Not the glitz and glamour of a highly romanticised idea of a relationship, something real.

This is probably because the brave lad decided to write a song a week for 52 weeks last year; supposing he just was so desperate to find anything to write about and this is how his style turned out. But I just don’t believe that, I think there’s been a lot of thought, reminiscing and crafting in these songs. Birds is gorgeous, a little sad but again, totally focused on reality. How it really feels to break up with someone because, well frankly you messed up.

Hamilton and his band then proceeded to cover Wheatus’ Teenage Dirtbag, which I can sum up in one word: phenomenal. That song has a sense of nostalgia but never seems to get old, and Frank and his band managed to bring their kooky and cutesy style to it, making it completely their own.

Frank Hamilton has a homey feel to him; all of his songs bring comfort and warmth and I think that’s why he’s growing more popular. People are getting fed up of overproduced heartless songs and preferring to go for the lovely and down to earth music. Tiny Chemicals was a great way to bring the set to an end; a bob-along song that put a smile on the audience’s faces. If you’re feeling pretty low or just fancy some genuine, heartfelt music; Frank Hamilton is your man.

Words Sian Hodkin


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