Foo Fighters: Wasting Light

The Basics
Wasting Light marks the seventh studio album from Foo Fighters, the band are back from a few years out with singer Dave Grohl causing a stir when he said that the band were recording the album in his garage, on tape.
It marked a huge step back from the extended band feel of the last two albums, getting back to the raw energy that catapulted Foo Fighters to global success to begin with. The album also saw some collaborations from punk legend Bob Mould as well as a reunion of Dave Grohl and  Krist Novoselic (Bassist or Nirvana) for the first time since Nirvana's untimely end.
The Verdict
If like me you're a big fan of the first 3 albums from the Foo Fighters, then you're going to love Wasting Light. It's punctuated from the very start in the opening line 'These are my Famous Last Words' in Bridge Burning, which you just know will be a track they open stadium sets with, through a selection of melodic high energy rock songs you'd expect from this band.
For me it was a welcome return to the golden age of the Foo Fighters. It just makes you smile to hear Dave Grohl screaming again on tracks like 'White Limo', before it all slows down for the penultimate 'I should have Known' that will no doubt become another one of this bands anthems.
The Foo Fighters are back and ready to rock your faces off, and while this may not convert any of the people who haven't quite gotten into this band yet? The fans will love it.

Play this one loud with the windows open.
Brandon Egley


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