Flash(mob)! Arrrrrghh!

Time was you needed to be stuck on a tube or an Engineering Exam (below) to experience the joy of the spontaneous, frequently 80's themed happenings that are flashmobs… 
But now the happy feeted gatherings are coming to Sheffield – and they're getting together with This is England '88 actor Stacey Sampson for a happening for young people in our fair city!

Art in the Park are working with theatre groups Dead Ernest and A Mind Apart – plus everyone's first choice for counter-culture-based hi-tech japes – Sheffield City Council – for the event, which happens on 3rd November in the open spaces and underpass by Jordanthorpe shops on Dyche Lane.
Anyone can join in and there's even rehearsals. Hammertime! The project has also brought in Stacey – who was Woody's girlfriend Jennifer in This is England '88 – to provide advice as well as perform in the mob itself.
Art in the Park's Twitter feed is a good place to start if you're interested in taking part.

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