FiFi’s Craft market

Say the word ‘recession’ to almost anyone in Britain and they will tell a yarn about a friend who was made redundant by the cruel double-dip.
Sheffield resident Fiona ‘FiFi’ Campbell was one of the unlucky ones, but rather than while away her days moping around in pyjamas whilst eating Galaxy and watching day-time TV she donned her thinking cap and knuckled down to two new jobs. The first was as a freelance broadcast journalist. As the media industry doesn’t rake in the big chips she decided to bank in on the current trend for all things crafty and found her own Craft market.
The benevolent craft queen isn’t just out to help herself, she “wanted to find a way of making extra money alongside my freelance work – and help others in my situation do the same.”
As Fiona says, ‘Crafting is no longer just something your Nan does – people of all ages are starting to discover the thrill of making things.’
Do you fancy kitting out your home with a selection of individual home-made lovelies whilst helping local artisans? Then head to The Workstation on Saturday February 12,  10am-4pm, to browse the stalls and snap up the top quality craftsmanship at the very first of FiFi’s Markets. 

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