Fancie Cafe – A Savoury Switch for Eccy Road

Amanda Perry is the Queen of Sheffield food producers. Fact.
Since setting up Fancie to create baked goods that are special enough to be given as gifts (and really, you haven't lived if you haven't unwrapped a lemon curd cupcake-shaped prezzie on a snowy Christmas Day) back in 2008, Amanda now has three outlets across Sheffield. And although Vogue once described Fancie as ‘the hidden gem of the North’, there’s little chance of missing them and their bad boy cupcakes in Sheffield; especially as one of their outlets is slap bang in the middle of Meadowhall.
As my sweet tooth was extracted many years ago (it may have been that rather beastly wisdom tooth that caused me a load of gyp a while back) I rarely manage a full cupcake to myself (although the mini versions suit me very well) so news of a Fancie café with tea, coffee and savoury eats was very well received.
On a hunt for some brunch over Christmas I was surprised to find Fancie had set up shop in the old Pronuptia store. It’s quite a large venue and a step up from their little café on Sharrow Vale Road. Stepping inside it’s clear that some real time, love and care has been spent on the renovation and the space works well. It’s all dark woods, cosy sofas and cute window seats. Really nice. 
Fully table serviced, sat myself down at one of Fancie's tables and ordered a four egg omelette (which comes with a choice of filings) and an Earl Grey. My tea arrived in good time and I must say that I was impressed to see that Fancie are using loose tea. My pot came with all the required accessories, but with an added extra, a little set of three egg timers; one each for green, black and white tea. The whole tea making process was explained to me and I was also told to give my server a shout if and when I needed more water.

Once the required brewing time had passed I was pleased to find that the tea was just to my liking. I managed to get two cups out of the pot and as soon as I squeezed the final drop out, my server approached with a jug of freshly boiled water. Brilliant. Just this simple act was a clear sign of the attentiveness of the staff here.
My brunch arrived on a large plate; a full omelette folded over to encase my chosen fillings of goat’s cheese and spinach. There were sides of sautéed potatoes and salad leaves too. Everything was well seasoned and tasty and I was pleased with the amount of goat’s cheese. I was also glad to find that they hadn’t wimped out with some of the mild stuff, this cheese had flavour.

All in, I think my brunch came to £7.55 and considering the size of my plate and the refillable tea I thought the pricing was just right. And it’s not just brunches on the menu; there’s pies, rolls, frittatas, soups and, of course, cake – making this a lovely spot for lunch and afternoon tea too.
Well done guys and cheers for taking that extra step into the savoury side of life!
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