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Famous Singers Who Also Gamble

For a long time, music and gambling have gone together. Because of that, we have heard a lot of gambling songs over the years. Not only that, but we have also seen a lot of singers frequenting casinos and betting at online casinos too. In fact, we have heard many exciting stories about our favorite singers and their love for gambling. In this post, we feature a few famous singers who gamble. Read and enjoy!

Gladys Knight

Yes, ladies love to gamble too! The singer/songwriter is known all over the world for her soulful songs and has bagged many awards over the years for her work. However, she is also known for her love to play casino games at has published a book where she mentions that, by then, she had been practicing gambling for close to ten years. Her favorite is baccarat and she also mentions that she is a fan of sports betting. Her love to gamble also almost cost her everything.

P. Diddy

Diddy is known all over the world for pioneering Bad Boy Records, the stable that is responsible for great acts such as the late Notorious BIG, Mase, and many others. The rapper/songwriter loves to play Blackjack and has been seen at many land-based best online casinos over the years. Diddy was even asked to perform in 2012 when new blackjack tables were opened in Atlantic City. He also got the honor of placing the very first bet on the luxurious selection of the blackjack tables.

Frank Sinatra

This American singer was known all over the world for his love to gamble. His love to gamble was so huge that he ended up forming relationships with other singers like Elvis Presley, who also was a Vegas frequenter. He is known for placing bets at some of the most popular casinos in the world.

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