Fairytale Of New Yorkshire

We've all been there, a few drinks in and your drunken promises become a 'thing'. Well, that's how Everly Pregnant Brothers began, four years on and they've sold out the O2 Academy! 


To kick things off, rather than booking a support band they supported themselves, with a twist, Renamed themselves, Dad Punk they were the best covers band I had seen as they left the uke's backstage, plugged in their guitars, borrowed a drummer, it was like watching a completely different band. They put a lot of effort for just one performance, learning six songs but you could tell they loved it as they enthusiastic rattled through the likes of Arctic Monkeys' I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor, Bowie's Heroes and Pulp's Disco 2000. I'm sure we'll hear more from Dad Punks (or RadioGreggs who they called themselves for closing number, Creep).


As the six blokes strolled back on stage to jubilant cheers from the crowd, they seemed overwhelmed by the reaction and continually thanked the audience throughout the two hour set full of anthems. I've seen many bands, plenty of huge bands, playing in-front of thousands of hardcore fans but I have never been in a crowd so passionate and buoyant who insisted on singing every word, loudly. It was impossible not to be taken back by it. Some men go fishing as a hobby, others play darts or watch football, these guys get to please thousands of people whilst doing what they love. And, they couldn't come across any more appreciative.  


They covered all things Sheffield, from listing their favourite pubs to the sound of Elbow's One Day Like This, sharing their love for Hendos reworking Coldplay's Yellow whilst they nostalgically sung about the iconic 'hole in the road' with The Waterboys' The Whole Of The Moon receiving the Steel City twist. Tributes were paid to local hero Jarvis Cocker with a more 'common' take on Common People and Amy Winehouse where Rehab was no longer targeted towards drug rehabilitation and more about the fear of leaving the city. These have become classics with the Brothers fan base and they get sung back louder than the originals ever did. 


Big Sean is the unlikely cult hero who charms his way through with a great voice and even better banter whilst his five ukulele playing mates bounce around  looking continually delighted, soaking up the love from the fans.


The set came to its end with high spirits and a mass singalong of Chip Pans On Fire (Kings Of Leon's Sex On Fire) followed by a cover of Fairytale Of New York, snow fell from the ceiling, if you weren't feeling festive already then you would be after this which was one of the most enjoyable gigs I have been to in a long time. A smile beamed from my face throughout. 



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