Exposed's top 5 films of 2011, and what's to come next year…

It was a huge year for cinema.
We saw the end of the Harry Potter era (tears of sadness), the beginning of the end of Twilight (tears of joy), and a 12 months that was absolutely chock-full of blockbusters. So how do you pick out just 5? Well we at Exposed have tried just that, and here we are! Use the comment box below to tell us what your top 5 is.
5 – Rise of the Planet of the Apes
A surprise hit, but with a staggering performance from Andy Serkis as revolutionary Ape, Ceasar, as well as some of the most exciting set pieces of 2011, ROTPOTA is not only technically brilliant, but also a major highlight in a well-loved set of films.
4 – Hugo
Both a tribute to classic cinema and to the wide-eyed wonder of youth, Scorsese wears his heart on his sleeve. With eye-popping visuals, colourful characters and a sense of childish adventure which is intoxicating, Hugo is a special, no, magical treat, for all ages.
3 – The King’s Speech
The chest-swelling story of one man’s victory over fear, may be a straight forward crowd pleaser, but few films this year have had such mass appeal alongside such overwhelming critical acclaim. Heart-warming, and thoroughly British.
2 – Warrior
Warrior stands easily alongside the greatest of fighter films with two powerful performances from Hardy and Edgerton, gritty and dynamic MMA fight sequences, and a “pump-your-fist-in-the-air-while-wiping-tears-from-your-eyes” finale.
1 – The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn
A rip-roaring romp of an adventure, with eye-popping visuals, larger than life characters, and one of the greatest chase sequences ever committed to film. While other films may have more dignity, deal with more important themes, or demand further analysis, none were this much fun!
The other 5 to see: Super 8 / Never Let Me Go / True Grit / Attack the Block / Fast and Furious 5
Words by Ali Bianchi

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