Exposed vs Champs

Exposed felt the burn, big style, as we took on the might of Champs at their Kamikaze Chicken Wing Challenge recently.
Plastic gloves were donned and strategies were planned as the Exposed boys left the office with hope in their hearts and milk in their cups. We honestly didn't know if we'd ever see them again after they got their chops around the fiery wings, which boast ingredients of ghost, habanero AND birds eye chillies.
The aim was to scoff 6 of the wings and a hefty bowl of the eye watering sauce in less than 15 minutes. We can't reveal who won, yet – but a record was set and tears of sheer pain were shed.
On another note, be warned the wrath of the Kamikaze – one of our boys has set up camp in the toilet and the other appears to be slowly going loopy…
Catch the whole story and the unpleasant (yet oddly compelling) pics in December's Exposed magazine and head to for more. 

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