Exposed Music Ed in Disastrous Experiment with Laws of Nature

“Don't worry, I've done this before…”
Flatliners, Kiefer Sutherland's documentary about near death experiences and eighties lighting is certainly a leap of faith – but we were still surprised when Exposed Music Editor Lewis Parker managed a 21st century twist on the brat-pack classic as a result of a disastrous experiment with a photocopier, a stepladder, and the video to 'Take on Me' . We think he was trying to make some kind of point about the ephemeral nature of nineties indie pop but now he's a ghost in the machine! Trapped in our website! And he needs your help to get out!
We're all ready with the defibrillators (well, a couple of AA Batteries) and a cup of tea (well, a cup) but we've this report on Warp Film's 10th Birthday Do to sort and this terrible pain all down our left side. Would you be loves and find him for us?
The ghostly form of our Lewis is somewhere in the Exposed website. He looks like this.

Photograph by Lewis Parker's Mum.
Drop us a line on Facebook with where you think he is and we'll sort out some CDs for the winner.
Like A-ha videos and experiments with the afterlife, going out on the lash then crossing roads is something to consider carefully before diving in. This is part of Exposed's Road Safety and Alcohol Awareness week from 19th –  23rd November. Click here for more details. 

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