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With the magical stage production Slava’s Snow Show stopping at the Lyceum next month we thought we’d take a look at other visual spectacles that have taken stages by storm in their own unique ways. The Russian show emulates seasons on-stage using actors, colours and props to turn a venue into a room of joy and happiness like the imagination of child. Proving words aren’t the only way to express emotions we investigated who else is communicating without words.



‘Britain’s’ Got Talent might not have been British but the Hungarians proved to be worthy winners with their shadow theatre that told stories in a more beautiful way than words ever could.



Slava’s Snow Show

Russian performance artist Slava Polunin created the snow show as a way to break into mainstream theatre and away from the pretentious label he’d earned himself over the years. The snow show is pure entertainment for the whole family with audience participation and a vibrant performances on and off stage enticing the crowd as they become childlike with excitement.



United Visual Artists

British collaborators UVA think out of the box using lights to manipulate shapes and spaces, creating a unique and diverse stage show. Glastonbury pulls in the biggest dance acts every year who use laser shows to entice the crowd but at Coachella festival in 2011 UVA turned the stage into a screen and the music becomes secondary for a moment.



Cirque Du Soleil Productions

Canadian performance artists Cirque Du Soleil have been wowing crowds since the eighties as they blend circus, drama and theatrics together to create mind-blowing entertainment unlike anything to hit stages before. The group have gone from a small team in Montreal to thousands of stage artists worldwide with dozens of shows taking place simultaneously. Projects that range from Latino inspired dance to acrobatics based around Michael Jackson take residency at some of the most prestigious venues in the world.

The franchise has become more than just a group of drama kids, they are a genre in themselves.



The show runs from the 20th to 24th November. Tickets are available now from here. 



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