Exposed Festival Guide 2012 – Extended Dance Mix

Look at this fine fellow in the photo, just look how happy he is sat there with his beer like some kind of jovial, alcoholic Labradoodle.
The secret to his happiness is that he’s having the time of his life at a typically muddy British festival, but he wouldn’t be smiling half as much had he not had a handy, well organised guide to help him decide which one to choose.
That’s where us lot at your friendly neighbourhood Exposed Magazine come in. Not only does this month’s mag give you the low-down on all the best fests out there this summer, we’ve even gone and stuck an Extended Dance Mix on this here site for your viewing pleasure, covering everything from Sheffield’s own fantastic (and free!) Tramlines Festival, to week-long shindigs with boat parties in Croatia. We even managed to put it in (vaguely) chronological order, would you believe it?!
It was tough work, we’ll admit – one of our journo’s was sent on extended leave after we caught him injecting pure espresso in between his toes and writing ‘massive electronic dance tent’ over and over again. But you can make it all worth it by heading to and giving yourself the best chance possible of looking like our jolly, curly friend this summer.

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