Exposed Catch Up With The Raveonettes

You know us, we have our fingers in all sorts of pies, so when we found out The Raveonettes were playing at the Queen's Social Club on November 29th, we took our chance and gave Sune Rose Wagner a proper Exposed grilling.
It’s an obvious opener I know, but I can’t resist asking if you ever thought that, 10 years down the line, and five albums later, you’d still be making music as the Raveonettes?
My God it’s 7 albums and countless EP’s and the answer is no.
For anyone who has heard you but never seen you live, what can they expect from your upcoming live shows?
A brutal pop assault.
Listening to any of your albums, there’s always been a distinctive ‘Raveonettes-sound’, do you think working with different producers has much of an influence on this?
We’ve only really worked with the same people except for In And Out Of Control but we do have a distinct sound and that was always the goal. We could probably make a country album and it would  still sound like us.
I’ve always been fascinated by the influence of the producer on an album and I see you’ve gone back to working with Richard Gottehrer for this album, how did that come about, and what did you think he’d bring to the album? 
He’s my best friend. I call him my American dad and his wife is my American mom. I respect and love him very much and he’s been my mentor and a huge influence on my life.
I was listening to someone on Soundcloud who claimed you were their main influence. How does it feel to be regarded in that way rather than constantly being referenced by who has influenced you?
It’s very flattering I think. I hear that more and more and it feels good cause when you start a band you can only dream of passing the torch on to someone else, passing on all the influences and experiences you adored from someone else.
Can you tell me something about the process you go through in song-writing and did that differ at all for the latest album?
I usually write on piano and don’t really think about it too much. I like to do as much as possible at home, drum programming, guitars, bass, etc. It’s always been the same except in the beginning I didn’t know how to play the piano.
Who are you listening to at the moment?  Or alternately, what are the most played tracks on your ipod at the moment?
The most played track is probably Things Done Changed by Notorious BIG and right now I’m also digging Burial, Kent, Bernard Herrmann and The Stones.
Have you noticed a change in your audiences over the 10 years you’ve been playing together?
Yes, people are very devout fans.
Thanks Sune Rose, we can't wait for the gig!

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