Everything Everything: Man Alive

The Basics: In what may very well turn out to be the last music column I write, I find myself at something of an impasse. Should I champion some Sheffield-based act because it’s about time I did so? Na. Should I rave about some new country blues business? Well, that Tom Jones album is pretty good. No. Must stick to the job at hand, and do my best to uncover new shit that’s worth your time and mine. Please to be welcoming Everything Everything, in that case. Based in Manchester, this lot aren’t, as their name would imply, an Underworld tribute act.
The Verdict: Emerging from a weariness of the indie tag, the band embraces everything from the likes of Girls Aloud to Slint, a refreshing attitude that I think we could all do with adopting. Ignore labels and scenes, if it sounds good, listen to it.  Specialising in unconventional pop by way of three part harmonies, syncopated beats and catchy-as-hell melodies, Everything Everything’s debut sounds good. Listen to it. It may very well be the debut of the year. Not that you’ll have a clue what singer Jonathan Everything is on about, but check out recent single ‘MY KZ UR BF’ and its ace video. You’ll see.

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