Every £1 counts for Sheffield Children's Hospital

Share your #PoundSelfie, donate and nominate to help make it better for children at Sheffield Children's Hospital.


After Christmas, charity is often the furthest thing from people's minds, yet it is often the time when charitable giving is needed most. Even the smallest of donations can make a huge difference to patients at Sheffield Children's Hospital, and that's where #PoundSelfie comes in. Inspired by patient, Haseeb Ahmed – who donated £1 just before Christmas – TCHC invites people to share their #PoundSelfie on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and text 'THEO14 £1' to 70070, to donate just £1 to the cause. Then, nominate someone to do the same. It's incredibly simple and can make a huge difference.



Just £1 can buy glitter so Artfelt art workshop coordinators can entertain children on the wards, many who stay for months on end. It can buy a brick to help the work on the new wing of the hospital as part of the charity's Make it Better appeal, and just £5 can buy bereavement books for Rose Cottage to hand out to siblings and family members when patients sadly pass away.


If 1000 people donated just £1, TCHC could furnish a private room with a proper pull-out parent bed so families can stay together at difficult times.


Whether you have seen first-hand experience of the fantastic work of The Children's Hospital, or whether you just want to help support one of the busiest children's hospitals in the UK, then please get involved with the campaign. When it comes to our children, every £1 really does count.


Here's ours! (believe it or not, we couldn't rustle up a quid between us to show in the photo, but we donated via text and nominated Sheffield Live)



Visit www.tchc.org.uk for more.


To find out about the fantastic work that TCHC did last year, head here.


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