Eufloric scenes as Sheff Vidja Hits Indie Bundle

“Space Gardening” is how Tuna HQ guru Alex Amsel  describes their gorgeous, floaty, explorey videogame, Eufloria… 
And things are as frantic as Alan Titchmarsh in an airlock at the award-winning Sheff dev right now. That’s because Eufloria has just been accepted as part of the Humble Bundle for Android – a wallet-friendly ‘pay what you like’ collection of top games from around the world – and beyond (/Buzz Lightyear)!  Here’s a video…

It’s what we in the biz call an art game’ (although Alex’s teasing of the Rogue-like spin off ‘Eufloria Adventures’ sounds like it’ll be upping the tempo somewhat) so we’ve set Exposed’s Graphic Designer Marc off playing the iPad version. Stay tuned for his verdict in about (looks at watch) 100 words.
Back to the ‘Bundle’, which we’ll always think of as the shout that went down school corridors before everyone jumped into a big pile with an unwary third former at the bottom (‘Pile on’ for northerners). They’re beeg news nowadays so it’s great that a Sheff indie is joining the likes of gorgeous, slightly Python-ey Sword & Sworcery and utterly engrossing story puzzler (think Professor Layton with robots) Machinarium.
Tuna are managing the development of the game on a bunch of platforms with creators Alex May and Rudolf Kremers. Next year will see new game modes, levels plus the ability to mod and anyone who picks up the game on Android (as well as elsewhere) gets automatic updates.
Exposed Design Marc’s capsule review? “Absorbing. I like planting trees on asteroids.” He always says that.
Find out more about the Humble Indie Bundle here. 

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