Espresso Relaxo – EAT @ The Nichols Buildings

Darren Beasley, Sheffield’s son and cafe connoisseur, is bringing a dash of Europe’s café culture back home to Sheff's The Nichols Building, including a menu of traditional Brit food with an Italian twist…
EAT @ The Nichols Buildings is Beasley’s brand new labour of love, nestled in one of Sheffield’s finest arts and crafts centres. Kelham Island’s The Nichols Building operates as a creative chapel with all the things you can’t find on the high street – vintage and retro home wares, gifts and the best of locally-produced fashion desirables. Which makes it an easy fit for a new café experience with an emphasis on quality and sophisticated relaxation.
EAT packs a wide range of cakes and pastries baked on site each day if you can a snack with your cuppa, and runs an all day brunch on Sunday for the ‘Breakfast Club’. So why not sit down, look around, get away from the hussle and bussle? Or maybe buy a piece of art, or some furniture, to take a piece of the calm back to your own digs?
Darren has put a great deal of care and attention into making his café’s menu awash with the best of British and Italian dining, but he’s always open to suggestions from his customers – if you’ve got a food idea which fits into the EAT philosophy, there’ll always be room for new culinary crossovers.
Fancy taking a break at EAT @ The Nichols Building? Check out their Facebook here for full details.

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