East India Youth @ Tramlines

Review of East India Youth at The Harley for Tramlines 2014


By the end of the set, East India Youth was dripping from head to toe in sweat but one thing you could not deny him was the pure passion he put into his performance.


The Harley was packed from end to end, as a melodic piano introduced us to the south coast musician, who immediately gripped the crowd with his epic electronic sound. Synths combined with awe-inspiring vocals added to the dance atmosphere, producing an intimate relationship between the audience and performer. It was evident just how much these delicate electronic orchestral pieces meant to him, just by the sheer euphoria on EIY’s face.


At the start of the show I didn’t know a single song but by the end I was converted into a diehard fan – instinctively nodding my head to the melodies he crafted, and to that, I congratulate East India Youth on a heartfelt and passionate performance.


Words: Alex Ellis

Photo Credit: Isobel Aitchinson 

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