Dry the River: Weights and Measures EP

The Basics.
A new and much talked about band, Dry the River have been making quite an impression with rapturously received festival gigs on both sides of the Atlantic this summer.  Their music is beautiful and passionate and has almost anyone who hears them off immediately on some evangelical mission to spread the word.
The Verdict.
A truly remarkable four-track EP.  If you can imagine the Fleet Foxes and the mercurial, and much missed Martin Grech turning up to play in the same studio, you might be half way to imagining the depths of beauty here.  The vocals are a joy, and the alt-folk musical arrangements are charming, but without the Mumford and Sons deliberate self-consciousness.  This is a collection of songs I’ll be playing for some time, whilst very much looking forward to the album in 2012.
8 out of 10
 Words by Mark Perkins 

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